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~ about myself ~

I was born and raised in Fukuoka, Japan and currently residing in Calgary Alberta.   

From an early age I started using my hands to help heal my mother who had very stiff shoulders as well as chronic ailments. Through these first experiences I began to notice an innate healing power. I attributed the power to the fact that I had strong hands that where able to generate and conduct heat involuntarily. Friends and family both commented on the uniqueness and skillfulness of my hands.

My initial interest in Reiki was inspired purely out of necessity. I was having feelings of exhaustion both physical and mental, so I wanted to heal myself first, and then help to heal my sick mother and friends.

I studied the art of Reiki under Master Tadao Yamaguchi who is the founder of Jikiden Reiki in Kyoto, Japan. His first seminar in Canada was held in Vancouver in 2005,  I was privileged enough to attend this seminar.  Then I started doing Reiki healing and teaching courses after I took a Shihan kaku (assistant teacher) course from him in Vancouver in 2009.


Since then I have been practicing Jikiden Reiki and healing on my family, friends, friend’s friends and co-workers who have been suffering from pain and sickness in Canada, U.S. and Japan. I am positively encouraged when I hear that their pains have been reduced or have disappeared as a result of my Reiki healing. I have also sent remote Reiki to Japan to my mother and friends who have been sick.

I continue to learn through the practice of Jikiden Reiki with my Master Yamaguchi sharing this gift to heal the pains and sickness experienced by many people. I would like to disseminate this alternative natural healing method to all those interested all over the world.

I wish you all health and happiness…

with my teacher, Mr. Yamaguchi

with my teacher

Mr. Yamaguchi from Kyoto, Japan

more about Kaoru 
and Jikiden Reiki

Jikiden reiki Healing story
on my Japanese Youtube Channel

With Yamaguchi Sensei,

Founder of Jikiden Reiki Institute

in Kyoto Japan

I was interviewed by The Focal Thought
about Jikiden Reiki Healing


~ testimonial ~

I had Kaoru’s Reiki healing when I was suffering from chronic shoulder pain due to being cold at the work place. I felt just warm and relief like the core of my pain was melting away. Then the pain gradually, but surely disappeared. I could perceive that Kaoru’s warm nature and her sympathetic heart that she wanted to heal the pain somehow. 

After the Reiki healing I received a blood circulation massage from her. Shortly after that I realized that new energy was circulating in my body. Now I am breast-feeding my first child and I had some pain in my breasts. After I had Kaoru’s Reiki healing on my breast, the pain has been gone and the volume of milk has been consistent.

After these experiences, I took Reiki class from Kaoru and started using Reiki on my own and for my family.

--- M. H. Toronto, ON ---


I went to see the chiropractor when I had a backache but the pain didn’t go away. That night I was introduced to Kaoru’s Reiki healing through my friend, and Kaoru came to my place right away that night. I remembered that I had a warm feeling on my painful back where she put her hands for about 45 minutes. 

 I had a heaviness in my body and could hardly move my hands and legs the next morning. However, I started feeling my whole body feel lighter little by little in the afternoon.  I had a feeling that the toxins were being expelled from my body as if I was taking off a heavy armour. I felt refreshed and I was so glad, so I called her and gave her my gratitude. She really saved me on that night. Thank you so much!

 --- M. N. Vancouver, B.C. ---


I am currently working as a flight attendant. I had a medical tube inside my ear that had come loose and resulted in severe pain. I could not see my doctor on that day since he was on vacation. I worried about the job next day because I had to fly from Vancouver to Japan. Kaoru came over to my place on the day and gave me her Reiki healing to my left ear, then gave a kind of massage for blood circulation. It worked for me marvelously and I didn’t have any pain in my ear the next day. So I could work without pain. Since then I had Kaoru’s Reiki healing a few times for my chronic arm pain, which I also strained at work. Kaoru’s Reiki also helped to alleviate the pain.. I would love to have her healing again next time I go to Toronto.

--- T.N. Vancouver, B.C. --- 


I had Kaoru’s Reiki healing for my right elbow which I had injured when I was playing tennis. I used some heat pads and took pain killers, but they just stopped the pain temporarily. When she put her hand on my arm within 5 minutes her hand got worm, and I felt a tingling in my arm. I was uncertain if Reiki worked or not before I tried, but actually I was surprised that my pain was all gone the next day. 

--- J. K. Vancouver, B.C. ---

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