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~Reiki Session~

It is my bliss to help people who are suffering from pain and sickness. My goal is to heal them and get them back to their original health in mind and body.


Reiki healing

75 min

Fee: C$ 70 

   Tax included


- 60 minutes

  Reiki Healing

- 15 minutes 

 blood circulation         massage* and

- extra : Japanese cultural experience


Bhudda Flower.jpg

5 Reiki Sessions


75 min x 5

Fee: C$ 300 

  Tax included


Remote Reiki

45 min

Fee: C$ 50

         Tax included

- 45 minutes

         Remote (distant)

Reiki healing

*Blood circulation massage is very effective to do after Reiki healing to circulate our blood in our whole body.


This helps to balance red cells and white cells in our blood and to help disperse stagnant blood that causes pain or sickness.


~Reiki Seminar~
Shoden Class

You will learn...

in 2 days (about total10 hours including breaks)

●What is Reiki?

●The history of Jikiden Reiki

●The difference between the western Reiki

●Five Principles of Reiki (both in English and Japanese)

●Recieve three Reiju (Attunement)

●Reiki Practice

●Circulation of Reiki

●Effective use of Reiki

●The concept of Byosen

●The first Reiki Symbol

●Technique for blood circulation

   and more...

 Fee CAD $350

             ( include textbook, certificate from

              Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto,

               registration, snack and drink)

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